Bari Alibasov’s son said that he spends 670 thousand rubles a month

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The monthly expenses of Bari Alibasov’s son are at least 670 thousand rubles a month. Alibasov Jr. said this in an interview with He explained that he needed this amount to fulfill his obligations, including the maintenance of the family.

“There is a mother who needs to be kept in the hospital, there is a father, a daughter, a wife. If I haven’t earned this money a month, I need to borrow from someone to pay for real estate, treatment, babysitting services, food for the child, and so on, ”Alibasov Jr. explained his life situation.

The son of the producer stressed that he does not spend a penny of this money on himself. He told reporters that he personally needed zero rubles a month to be happy.

“Sex is free, I have so many clothes that I will have enough for the rest of my life, in restaurants I am always fed for free. I leave the market, filled with bags and sweets. I don’t spend money on myself at all, not because I’m an ascetic, but because everything in my life is free, ”the businessman said.

It also became known that Alibasov Jr. rented out his father’s luxurious multi-room apartment. As the PR director of the Alibasovs Vadim Gorzhankin told MK, from September the producer’s apartment can be rented for 500 thousand rubles a month, the announcement of the delivery is already hanging on the real estate website. Alibasov’s son said that a lot of money would be required for the necessary rehabilitation procedures and the restoration of his father’s health.

Earlier, Alibasov Jr. became a defendant in a criminal case initiated against him at the request of the ex-director of the Na-Na group, Andrei Nazarov. Alibasov attacked Nazarov in a television studio on a federal channel while recording a program. Nazarov was diagnosed with a lacerated head wound and had to be stitched. The victim filed a civil claim for compensation for moral damage in the amount of 3 million rubles.

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