Banks want to write off commissions and loan payments from dormant accounts

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Banks want to get the right to write off money for maintaining an account or in favor of a loan in cases where the client’s identification data (for example, a passport) has changed, while he does not get in touch to provide updated information. Such proposals are being prepared by Absolut Bank within the framework of the “regulatory guillotine” of the Central Bank – a mechanism for improving the legal framework for regulating the financial market.

The initiative has already been supported by the RSHB, PSB, UniCredit, Rosbank and Zenit. The changes will allow the lending institution to receive money for services already rendered – maintaining an account and issuing a loan. The client will not have a debt and will not be charged with penalties, noted in UniCredit Bank.

PSB stressed that in this way it will be possible to fight fraudsters who use “dormant accounts” for dubious transactions. The changes do not carry the risk of money laundering, noted in Zenit.

According to the anti-money laundering law, banks are now required to update customer information annually. At the time of the operation, they must be relevant, it follows from the regulation of the Central Bank No. 499-P.

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