Ban on mass celebrations and corporate parties extended in Crimea

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In Crimea, the ban on banquets, corporate events and other mass celebrations was extended until February 1. This was reported on Thursday, January 14 by the Kryminform news agency.

“The ban on banquets, corporate parties, entertainment events and other mass celebrations was extended in Crimea until February 1,” the message says.

The ban on cultural events in shopping centers, sports complexes and city squares has also been extended.

Until the same date, there is a 30% limit on the occupancy of cinemas and theaters.

On the eve of the Crimean authorities announced that they are lifting a number of restrictions on coronavirus, introduced for the period from December 20 to January 15. So, food courts were resumed and restrictions related to the opening hours of public catering were removed, RT reports.

Earlier on January 14, the governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, decided to increase the permissible theater occupancy rate to 50% from January 16.

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