Authors of graffiti on Pskov monuments may face criminal cases

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Those who like to “express themselves” by painting graffiti on monuments in the Pskov region may face criminal charges. This was reported by the Pskov News Feed with reference to the chairman of the regional committee for the protection of cultural heritage sites Vadim Nedik.

The head of the relevant committee told reporters that the number of graffiti on the walls of the Okolny town has sharply increased in the region. Vandals write and paint directly on the fortress masonry. For example, not long ago, near the Pokrovskaya Tower, an unknown person wrote the phrase “ready to jump into the river” in large red letters with a continuation.

In addition, the speaker assured that work is now underway on a letter to the regional administration and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It will contain a description of the problem and an indication of the need for raids to prevent vandalism on the territory of the monuments.

Vadim Nedik noted that there is no way to paint over the stone. This means that the inscriptions will have to be reduced with expensive chemicals and at the same time drawn up a restoration project.

“The cost of such work is high, it can reach half a million rubles or more,” the speaker said.

He said that the relevant committee is determined that if the monuments are inflicted such significant damage, the authors of the graffiti will face criminal cases.

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