Austria has introduced online pre-registration for those entering the country

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From Friday, January 15, the Austrian authorities are introducing mandatory online registration for everyone entering the country in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection. This was reported on the website of the Austrian Ministry of Health.

To register, you must fill out the form on the department’s website, indicate your contact information and location a few days before the trip, as well as the address of residence in Austria and the planned period of stay there.

You can also download the test result for COVID-19 on the site. In the absence of technical means to fill out the document online, it is allowed to fill out the form in a printed form.

Further, the system will inform the person about the rules of stay in Austria. The entrant will be notified of the need to comply with the self-isolation regime upon arrival, depending on the country from which he is arriving.

An exception is made for transit passengers traveling for urgent family reasons, as well as for those who carry out cargo or passenger transportation.

Earlier, on January 4, it became known that five people in Austria were infected with new strains of coronavirus identified in the UK and South Africa.

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