August 9: Strict prohibitions on the Day of Panteleimon the Healer

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August 9, 2020 (July 27, old style) people honor the memory of the Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon


The Great Martyr Panteleimon, born in Nicomedia, became the patron saint of warriors and healers. His parents were of noble family. The father was a pagan, and the mother, who passed away very early, was a Christian. When the elementary pagan school was finished, Panteleimon studied healing from a famous doctor. And when the emperor Maximian learned about his successes, he decided to invite him to serve at the court.

But Panteleimon treated the suffering and the poor, the poor and the sick, the soldiers and prisoners in the name of Jesus Christ, and completely free of charge. And since in those years of Christian persecution the dungeons were full of Christian prisoners, Panteleimon also came to them. The great martyr was merciful, and therefore the fame of him spread throughout Nicomedia very quickly. With their problems, people began to come only to Panteleimon, which aroused the envy of other doctors in the city, and they went to the emperor with the news that he was healing Christian prisoners. Maximian was angry and betrayed Panteleimon to torment, who healed in the name of Christ.

The holy relics of Panteleimon the Healer are kept in different parts of the vast Christian world.

Don’ts on August 9, 2020

From time immemorial, any work was prohibited, and primarily in the field or garden.

Laziness on this day was prohibited.

It was not customary to refuse any help to someone in need.

Beliefs and signs:

The day began with a prayer to the saint with a request for health or healing from diseases.

Spikelets were consecrated in the church that day, they were used to decorate the images in the house. It was believed that after consecration they have healing powers.

On this day, they collected medicinal herbs, and also began collecting cabbage, therefore on this day there were necessarily pies with cabbage on the table.

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