August 6, the day of Boris and Gleb, which is better not to do today

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Today the Orthodox Church celebrates the day of remembrance of the holy noble princes-martyrs Boris and Gleb.

The brothers were the younger sons of the Kiev prince Vladimir equal to the apostles). They were brought up in the Christian faith, and in 1015 they were killed by their elder brother Svyatopolk in the struggle for power.

First, he ordered to kill Boris, who, knowing about his brother’s intention, did not hide. Boris was attacked during prayer on July 24, 1015 (or August 6 in the new style).

Then Svyatopolk killed his second brother, Gleb, who also knew about the impending attack, but the internecine war was worse for him than death.

For the humble death of a martyr, the church canonized the brothers. These are the first saints in Russia, numbered among the martyrs-martyrs.

Folk omens on August 6

Rain in the morning – to a fine and clear day.

What the weather is today – the same throughout August.

Seagulls often sit on the water – to the rain.

What can not be done on the day of Boris and Gleb

On this day, they tried to refrain from any difficult work and not burden themselves with hard work, went to visit each other and treated themselves to homemade pies.

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