August 12: Strong Bans on Power Day

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August 12, 2020 (July 30, old style) the people honor the memory of Saints Silouan and Silas, the apostles from seventy


Silouan and Silos (Silas) – disciples of the apostle Paul. The latter – Sila – was everywhere next to Paul, preaching the faith of Christ, for which he was persecuted. In one of the cities where the Apostle Paul preached with his disciples and followers, they were taken into custody and thrown into prison. Only by prayer were the saints saved – they were able to get out of prison without obstacles when, as a result of the earthquake, they were freed from the shackles. The freed saints got to Corinth – there Sila was ordained bishop. As for the second saint – Silouan – opinions were divided. Many believe that these two saints are one person, since it is known that Silouan was also a bishop in one of the Greek cities, and his name is similar to the Latin version of the name Silas. But the people know this day as the Day of Silouan and Strength. It was believed that this day fills all living things with strength.

Do’s and Don’ts on August 12, 2020

The holy apostles gave energy for work on their day, therefore the peasants worked on this day with special zeal. It was time to start sowing winter rye. It was believed that all living power from the earth takes.

Beliefs and signs:

If the weather is cloudy and cool, don’t expect rain.

A rainy evening that day promised long rains.

Brightly twinkling stars in the sky – to imminent rains.

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