Attackers open illegal access to cars on the Rose Avenue

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The administration of the city of Saratov continues to fight against motorists who have chosen the Rose Avenue for photo sessions. Recall that in the summer and autumn of 2020, the reconstruction of Kirov Square continued – from Chapaev Street to Lyukshin Street and Mirny Lane. After the completion of the work, the mayor’s office decided to isolate the pedestrian alley that runs from the rows of the Covered Market diagonally of the square to the entrance to the former Pobeda cinema. To do this, special LED spotlights were placed above the alley, having received an imitation of many stars. The alley was called “Starry Sky” – according to the name of the illumination.

Drivers and car owners noticed the fact that she had an unusual appearance and drove there in cars to photograph them surrounded by spotlights. They posted the photos on social networks, while not hiding the state registration numbers of the car. As a result, 11 motorists were fined 1,000 rubles each.

To prevent entry and parking of cars on the alley in the future, on November 26, the mayor’s office installed concrete hemispheres on it. As the correspondent of “MK in Saratov” was convinced, they performed their role for exactly 24 hours – on the evening of November 27, unknown persons pushed the hemispheres aside, thus opening, thus, again access for entering the pedestrian zone of cars.

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