At the crossroads of Oktyabrsky pr. And st. Nekrasov, a fence will appear in Pskov

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A pedestrian fence will appear at the intersection of Oktyabrsky Prospect and ul. Nekrasov, as well as at the intersection of Krestovskoe highway with st. Suburban. Pskovich, who discovered orders for the installation of fences on the public procurement portal, appealed to the authorities with a request “not to install fences along the city roads.” He posted the appeal on the website of the governor60.rf.

“To fight the death of people on the roads, it is necessary to reduce the speed limit, and not to fence in fences throughout the city. It hurts and hurts that the appearance of the city of Pskov is being destroyed with the light hand of officials who are confident in their rightness,” he wrote.

The head of the Pskov administration, Alexander Bratchikov, confirmed that the installation of fences in these areas is planned, but clarified that it is being carried out in accordance with the instructions of the prosecutor’s office and the traffic police of the Russian MIA Administration for the city of Pskov.

Fences should appear at all pedestrian crossings near which there are childcare facilities, and in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.

The requirements of the order and GOST, according to which fences appear, are not advisory, but mandatory for use, the city manager said.

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