At least 25 Afghan security forces killed in Taliban ambush

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At least 25 members of the Afghan security forces were killed in an ambush attributed to the Taliban in northeastern Afghanistan, local authorities said on Wednesday.

“The fighting continues and there are also many victims among the Taliban,” Jawad Hejri, spokesperson for the governor of Takhar province, told AFP.

Abdul Qayoum, director of health services in the province, confirmed the attack, but reported a death toll of 34 members of the security forces, including according to him the deputy chief of police of the province.

“These security forces were on their way to an operation in the district when they were attacked by the Taliban,” Hejri said.

“The Taliban had taken up positions in houses around the area. They ambushed our forces there as part of an operation against the enemy. ”

The Taliban have not commented on this attack.

The Taliban and the United States struck a landmark deal in February after 19 years of war. Washington has pledged to withdraw all of its troops from Afghanistan, and in return the rebels have pledged not to allow terrorist groups to operate from the territories they control, to no longer attack cities and to start negotiations. direct and unprecedented peace with the government of Kabul.

But these negotiations only began in September in Doha, Qatar, with much delay, and the violence has not really abated, as US forces have continued their withdrawal at the planned pace, if not faster.

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