Astrologers: Prepare Your Laptop or Smartphone to Break

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Astrologers suggest looking for reasons of some accidents in the sky. In October, they warn, there may be several periods when you need to be careful.

Until October 8, as well as from October 13 to October 20, Mercury will be in opposition to Uranus. “At this time, sudden surprises are possible in the spheres ruled by Mercury. There is a danger of breaking business relations. It is very likely that office equipment will break down, a smartphone will fail, and there will be problems with power grids,” astrologer Natalya Baranova warns.

As for the mood and mood, the short period of sybarism and laziness from October 6 will suddenly be replaced by days of maximum concentration, the energy will appear to do several things at the same time. No wonder, say the specialists of the School of Classical Astrology: from October 6 to 8, the Moon is in Gemini, you want to move and act, disperse thoughts and blood.

These days it’s high time to be outdoors more, to walk to work and to ventilate the office and the house more often (especially since the heating in the Pskov region has already been turned on).

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