Astrakhan police took the woman in childbirth to the hospital in a patrol car

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Everything was resolved safely

The traffic police squad, which was on duty at the 107th kilometer of the P-215 Astrakhan – Makhachkala highway, clearly did not expect a frightened man to run up to them with an unexpected request in the middle of duty. It turned out that he was taking his 41-year-old pregnant wife to the hospital when her water broke and the car broke down unsuccessfully. The man did not know what to do in such a situation, so in confusion he turned to the police officers.

Police lieutenants Mikhail Chilimsky and Ruslan Nauruzbayev did not wait a minute, immediately deciding to take the woman in labor to the nearest medical institution by a patrol car. Using sound and light special signals, the woman was transferred into the hands of experienced doctors in less than a minute. At the hospital, medical workers were already waiting for her, who took the woman in labor from the car.

A little later it became known: the woman gave birth to a son. Through health workers, the inspectors conveyed their congratulations to the newly minted mother and father.

The story took place in the spring of this year, but the responsiveness of the law enforcement officers became known only recently – the employees did not advertise their good deed.

Anyway, this is great news at such a strange and difficult time.

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