Artificial intelligence will be trusted to collect data on Russian patients

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Artificial intelligence will be able to analyze medical images, assess the risks and likelihood of diseases, understand handwritten texts (recipes and other documents of doctors) and remotely assess the patient’s condition. This follows from the draft satellite law prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development and ANO Digital Economy (available at Izvestia’s disposal) to the adopted law on regulatory sandboxes.

The project for the implementation of medical decision support systems using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies implies that the software belongs to the category of medical devices.

“A medical device with AI will in one way or another work with an array of patient data (results of analyzes and other tests, complaints, etc.). Because of this, the designers of such devices need access to patient data. The current legislation does not provide for an effective method of processing such data due to the lack of the possibility of obtaining the so-called seamless consent, which would be given by the subject of personal data only once, ”the explanatory note states.

On August 14, the draft law was already supported by the working group “Normative regulation of the digital environment”, Dmitry Ter-Stepanov, director of the direction “Normative regulation” of ANO “Digital Economy”, told Izvestia. Remarks from federal bodies have been received, and in the near future the Ministry of Energy will send the bill to the government, and if approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, it will be submitted to the State Duma.

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Machine opinion: the program will be trusted to collect data on Russian patients

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