April 16: what absolutely must not be done on Nikita the Confessor

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On April 16, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of St. Nikita the Confessor.

The people called this day: Vodopol – in some regions of the country the ice on the rivers began to actively disappear, in others, the fishing season began. Also, our ancestors believed that by this day a water person wakes up, who cannot be angry, but can and should be appeased in every possible way.

Weather signs:
Rain on this day promises a cold and unkind spring. Long rolls today – this is a prolonged bad weather. If there is a lot of birch sap, it means that the summer will be rainy. And the south wind on this day is a harbinger of a good harvest.

What not to do on April 16
You cannot walk empty-handed near reservoirs today. You can not make noise and sort things out by the water. Also, if you become an unwitting witness to a dog or cat fight that day, be prepared for a quarrel in the house. In addition, water should not be spilled on the table on this day, otherwise the decisions you made on this day will turn out to be erroneous.