The expert spoke about inexpensive ways to repair a smartphone

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If there are scratches on the smartphone camera, then it is not necessary to go to the repair or shop for a new device, they can be removed by yourself. Ilya Shatilin, an analyst at TelecomDaily, told how to fix the flaw on your own.

“If there is a very small scratch on the camera, then you can try to grind it yourself with GOI paste. This is such a green paste that comes in the form of a bar, ”Shatilin said on April 16 in an interview with Sputnik radio.

Another medium that is suitable for filling small scratches on a smartphone is the so-called liquid glass. According to the expert, it is designed to fix minor scratches on screens, but it will work for camera lenses as well.

“This mixture fills in small scratches and can improve the condition of the glass,” Shatilin explained.

He noted that not every external damage can be corrected without the help of a specialist. For example, if you can see that there is dust or condensation between the camera lens and the glass, then it is better to take the gadget for repair, the expert advises.

You will also have to contact the wizard in case of software and hardware defects in the camera.

“If the camera simply shoots badly, then it may be a software defect. Then the smartphone requires a flashing. Or it may be a hardware defect, and then the camera module needs to be replaced, ”Shatilin said.

In June 2019, the research company ResearchMe and the Yula ad service announced the results of a survey on the most demanded services in the repair of smartphones. Most often, residents of Russia turn to specialists to replace the battery (22%) and the screen (20%). Least of all, people come to the service to replace the body (4%) and repair the camera (3%).