Apple CEO Tim Cook became a billionaire

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The fortune of the head of Apple, Tim Cook, exceeded $ 1 billion as a result of the growth in the value of the company’s shares. Bloomberg reports on this on Monday, August 10.

The agency does not give the exact amount, which, according to it, the head of the American corporation has. At the same time, it is noted that over the past week, the price of Apple shares rose on the New York Stock Exchange by almost 5%. The company’s capitalization now exceeds $ 1.9 trillion.

It is indicated that the assessment of Cook’s condition was carried out on the basis of information from open sources. At the same time, agency experts do not exclude that in reality it may turn out to be below $ 1 billion due to the fact that the head of Apple could make anonymous donations for large sums.

July 31 Bloomberg citing the chief financial officer of Apple Inc. Luca Maestri reported that new iPhone models this year are likely to be released in October.

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