Anti-Ageing Techniques to Keep You Young

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Human energy is part of the Life Force which surrounds us. It comes from the same source which makes every blade of grass on Earth grow. More and more each day, we are learning how to cleanse it, intend it and how to manage its various forms. Energy Work promotes the flow of energy creating a balance within the chakras and energy system of the body flowing through its meridians. Ageing is a breakdown of these natural laws.

When electricity was discovered someone merely worked out a way of harnessing a power which already existed. In the same way, by understanding the very nature of the Subtle Life Force we are now able to recognize how to energize the world around us.The body’s energy system operates through a complex grid channelled through energy centres called chakras. Meridians distribute this energy like the electrical wiring of a building. These are energy highways transferring vital Life Force to and from each part of the human body, internally and externally. Any malfunction in the meridians causes a disruption to your health. The lifestyle we lead, how and what we think and our environment can all make a valid difference.

When we get upset about something it affects our health by creating negative impulses throughout our body’s electrical system. Likewise, every time we hang on to negativity it impacts upon our internal make-up.

Lack of sleep, a harmful lifestyle, anger, restlessness and above all fear are known causes of premature ageing because the body’s systems become contaminated. There is no pill yet created as a cure.

Most people are not yet aware that we function as towers, transmitting and receiving energy. That is why factors such as stress, worry, incorrect diet, negative thoughts and, to an extent, even the energetic intention from others can alter and modify our body’s energy flow which then leads to the various ailments due to an imbalance in our health.

I have personally seen where people, men and women, have dutifully lined up for their botox and collagen shots in order to gain eternal life. Immortality is not a physical aspect of life. How you live now, in the Present, is the true gift.

Sit in a quite place where you are surrounded by trees and lush vegetation. A grassy area in your back yard will suffice. Close your eyes and listen. Do nothing but listen. Try separating the sounds you hear. Use no judgement, simply observe. Begin breathing deeply. Fill up your lungs and hold your breath to the count of six. Then gently release the air out through your nose and concentrate on that out-breath. When you breathe in, imagine fresh sir cleansing your whole body. When you breathe out, imagine black smoky fumes coming out of your nose as if dirty energy is being expelled. Do this once or twice a day, each time breathing in and out nine times. Within a week you will feel much more physically energized and mentally invigorated. You may even find that your memory has somewhat improved.

“Once cleansed and properly maintained, our energy system may influence how the body develops and also regulates our mental function promoting healthy and youthful ageing.”

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