Another payment from the Pension Fund can be issued remotely

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Payment for the care of disabled citizens can be issued remotely, reminds the regional Pension Fund.

Who can make a payment

  • Non-working able-bodied citizens who do not receive a pension or unemployment benefit.
  • The payment for the care of an 80-year-old pensioner, for a disabled person of the 1st group or for a citizen in need of care according to the conclusion of a medical institution can be issued from the age of 14.

Who can be looked after

  • For disabled people of the 1st group;
  • elderly people in need of constant outside care upon the conclusion of a medical institution;
  • people 80+;
  • disabled children;
  • disabled from childhood 1 group.

How to make a payment

  • I need to write a statement
  • There must be the consent of the person to be looked after (if it is not a disabled child). An application and consent can be issued through the personal account of a citizen on the PFR website in the section “Social payments”.
  • Then – wait: the FIU specialists independently make the necessary inquiries to third-party organizations.

Payout amount

  • 1200 rubles per month.
  • 10 thousand rubles per month, if parents or guardians take care of children with disabilities and invalids from childhood.

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