Andrey Belotserkovsky: financial support will improve water supply in houses of Rzhevites

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Andrei Belotserkovsky, Director of the Center for Strategic and Innovative Development of Tver State University, commented on the plan for the reconstruction of water intakes in the Rzhevsky district:

– I am sure that such a large financial support will improve water supply in the houses of the residents of Rzhev. We will help the residents of Rzhev and improve the quality of drinking water in the city. To this end, I will also connect Tver State University, its laboratory facilities and specialists to the project.

We will remind, in Rzhev plans to open an educational center. The problem of obtaining higher education is close to many small towns in the country. School graduates leave for large cities, unable to study at home, and often do not return to their hometowns. The consequence of this is the loss of professional staff. The project of the former rector of Tver State University will help solve this problem and give young people the opportunity to realize themselves and unleash their potential, without leaving tens of kilometers from home.

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