Analysts named the spheres with the highest salaries in Volgograd

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As experts have found out, in Volgograd this fall, drivers, managers, salesmen, engineers and doctors are most in demand.

The average salary in vacancies for the past month is 33,313 rubles. This “MK in Volgograd” was reported by analysts of the system for finding vacancies “”.

According to the study, the highest salaries are offered to specialists in the field of construction and real estate – about 48 thousand rubles.

Workers and logistics and transport workers receive approximately the same wages – about 40 thousand rubles.

The average salary in the extraction of raw materials in Volgograd is 38.5 thousand rubles, the same salary can be applied for by specialists working in the field of top management.

Most of all in Volgograd pay drivers-freight forwarders with their cars, installers of metal structures and directors of marketing and advertising. These specialists are offered a salary of 300 thousand rubles per month.

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