Analysts have named the most profitable destinations for the May holidays

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Specialists of the travel planning service OneTwoTrip indicated the cities to which Russians can travel from May 1 to May 10, while significantly saving on tickets. This was announced on Sunday, April 25, by the RT channel.

According to the study, Muscovites can save on a trip to Bryansk, since the cost of one air ticket to the city is estimated at 850 rubles. A plane ticket to Nizhny Novgorod will cost 1.1 thousand rubles, and a visit to St. Petersburg – 1.7 thousand.

From the northern capital on the May holidays, residents will be most profitable to visit Moscow: a one-way ticket costs about 1.6 thousand rubles. In second place in terms of price is a ticket to Arkhangelsk from St. Petersburg with a cost of 2 thousand rubles, and in third place – to Perm, at 3.2 thousand rubles.

In turn, the population of Yekaterinburg can visit Orenburg for a budget price of 1.4 thousand rubles.

And for Krasnodar, from the category of the most budgetary flights, one can single out a trip to Mineralnye Vody: a plane ticket will cost about 1.2 thousand rubles.

In Sochi, residents can go to Krasnodar – the flight will cost about 600 rubles.

The cost of railway tickets was even lower than the cost of plane tickets. So, the direction Moscow – Voronezh is estimated at 830 rubles, and the direction Moscow – St. Petersburg – from 850 rubles, and from Sochi you can get to Krasnodar for a price of 800 rubles.

As part of the compilation of the corresponding report, OneTwoTrip specialists conducted a study of search queries from customers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar and Sochi: the population of these cities showed the greatest interest in the cost of air travel and tickets for rail transport during the May holidays.

The day before, on April 24, analysts at AliExpress Russia reported an increase in the turnover of goods for hiking and hiking from a domestic manufacturer by 2.2 times in April. According to experts, such growth rates are determined by the upcoming May holidays and the desire of Russians to spend their holidays in nature.