An exhibition in honor of the 90th anniversary of the Philharmonic has opened in Donetsk

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In the Donetsk Regional Museum you can see bow ties and concert dresses of the Philharmonic artists.

The Donetsk Republican Museum of Local Lore on January 22 invited all music lovers to the opening of the exhibition “Music Lives Here”. It was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Donetsk Philharmonic Society, which is celebrated this year.

For the exhibits, of which there are about 200, a separate room was allocated in the museum. These are unique historical materials from the fund collections of the museum, the archives of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the philharmonic artists. Rare historical footage, autographs and wishes for colleagues from famous guests of Donetsk were placed on the thematic stands.

At the exhibition you can get acquainted with such interesting exhibits as, for example, the concert dress of the People’s Artist of Ukraine Alina Korobko or the bow ties of the People’s Artists of Ukraine S.V. Savari and V.A. with the Donetsk Philharmonic. Honored Art Worker of the DPR Valeria Putrya, Alexander Paretsky shared their awards for the exposition.

Director-Artistic Director of the Donetsk Academic Philharmonic Society Alexander Paretsky During the ceremony, he congratulated all residents of Donbass on such an important milestone in the cultural life of the region. And also thanked the staff of the local history museum for the work done.

By the way, the exhibition “Music Lives Here” will be on display at the museum until March 31.

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