An elderly woman disappeared near Kaluga

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An elderly woman disappeared near Kaluga. According to the search and rescue squad “Liza Alert Kaluga”, 69-year-old Natalya Mikhailovna Cherednichenko left home on August 11 and there has been no news of her for more than a day.

“In the village of Borishchevo, Peremyshl region, Natalya Mikhailovna Cherednichenko disappeared. Since August 11 this year, her whereabouts are unknown,” the message says.

Local residents are asked to view their DVRs from 17:00 Moscow time on 11 August. Perhaps the camera caught the grandmother walking along the highway.

Signs: height 160 cm, dense build, gray hair to the shoulders, green eyes.

She was wearing a burgundy long-sleeved sweater, green trousers, red slippers.

Any information about the whereabouts of the missing person can be reported by calling the hotline 8 800 700-54-52 (free on the territory of the Russian Federation) or search information.

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