An effective way to deal with a bogweed named in Pskov

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The regional center named the most effective way to combat the poisonous weed that flooded the abandoned fields in the Pskov region and is approaching the cities. Nikolay Romanov, chairman of the regional committee on agriculture, voiced his opinion on this issue in an interview with the Pskov State TV and Radio Company.

He said that only the midge can solve the problem of hogweed in the region. Miracle insects are now being bred by Russian academics. The head of the profile committee called the treatment of young shoots of a poisonous plant with chemicals “not the most effective way.”

By the way, Nikolai Romanov once again emphasized that the problem with cow parsnip should be solved in parallel on the territory of all municipalities of the Pskov region. This is necessary so that the seeds of the plant do not scatter again. Meanwhile, according to his own remark, not all regional leaders consciously approach this problem.

“They gave funds, but why are the heads of districts not doing this? Everything is given! Absurd! We have money – we don’t want to do it! I do not understand this, ”Nikolai Romanov expressed his indignation.

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