An apartment with an area less than an elevator was put up for sale in Alushta

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Moreover, it is not the smallest in Russia.

The CIAN real estate search service has compiled a rating of micro-apartments with a private bathroom for sale in Russia. It includes living quarters from different parts of the country.

When compiling the rating, all rooms were compared by square to the area of ​​one of the largest elevators in the world, located in the Japanese skyscraper Umeda Hankyu, which measures only 10 square meters.

All apartments in the TOP are incredibly small. The first place “took” living space from the Moscow region. Here 6.6 sq. meters will cost 1.15 million rubles. The 9.9-meter Tyumen apartment for 700 thousand rubles closes the top five in this category.

The list also includes an apartment of an ultra-small area, which is located in Alushta. It occupies 9.2 square meters. meters in a 15-storey apartment complex in the resort part of the city. The cost of living space is 1.15 million rubles. The fenced area of ​​the complex, the proximity to the sea, the presence of an adjoining playground in the courtyard and the technical equipment of the apartment are taken into account.

Experts noted that examples of such housing are found in 17 regions of the Russian Federation. There are a lot of such apartments in large cities, especially in the capital. However, they are often deprived of a bathroom.

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