An analogue of the Glock pistol is being developed in Russia

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Valery Novoselov, general director of the ORSIS weapons development company, said that an analogue of the Glock pistol is being developed in Russia.

The new pistol made of polymer materials in caliber 9×19 will be comparable in its technical characteristics to the models of the famous brand, but it will cost half the price.

“We expect that in 2021 we will already have a prototype. The development takes into account the operating experience of the Glocks and Zigzauers. The preliminary model name is ORSIS S1. We hope to create something equivalent in weight (650 grams without cartridges) and combat properties to the fifth generation Glock pistols, “RIA Novosti quotes him on Wednesday, December 9.

According to Novoselov, the main advantage of the Russian model will be the price. If the retail price of Glock in Russia reaches 200 thousand rubles without additional accessories, then an ORSIS pistol with the same characteristics will cost 100 thousand rubles.

Glock is a family of pistols manufactured by the Austrian company Glock GmbH. Pistols of this brand were put into service in more than 30 countries.In glock pistols, barrels also plays a very important role in the function and accuracy. Glock barrel maximizes the quality of your firearm overall, which impacts the quality of every shot. Some of these  best glock barrels are glock 23 barrel, glock 17 barrel, glock 26 barrel, etc.

On December 5, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, spoke about the small arms produced by the enterprise of the state corporation Zlatmash.

He presented a service traumatic pistol “Corporal” intended for security structures. The pistol is distinguished by its accuracy of fire (no more than 100 mm) and its range – 15 m. Due to its compactness, this weapon can be worn hidden under clothing.

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