An Alsatian sings Marseille and reveals herself in a German tele-hook

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Pauline on the Europa-Park stage during her second visit. – Europa-Park

  • A 19-year-old Alsatian, Pauline, has already won two rounds of the “Immer Wieder Sonntags” program, a variety program broadcast on Sunday mornings on German Channel 1.
  • Pauline still sings the same song, “Sommer in Marseille”, which evokes a romance in the capital of Bouches-du-Rhône.
  • The artist composed this title and sings it in a particular style, the schlag, which is similar to popular music in Germany.

Automoto, Telefoot… In Germany, there is none of this on Sunday morning on the first TV channel. No, summer, from 10 a.m. to noon, it’s time to Immer Wieder Sonntags on Das Erste, the equivalent of TF1 across the Rhine.

Each time, the show attracts nearly a million viewers who admire their favorite artists performing (in playback). “There are some very famous ones coming and some more recent ones. It’s as if Patrick Bruel or Renaud were there, ”explains Pauline, who is participating this year.

Pauline? This is the stage name of this 19-year-old Alsatian from Langensoultzbach. On the stage of Europa-Park, where the entire program is filmed, the young girl takes part in a competition at the start of the show. A telecrochet where she faces an opponent, the public then choosing which of one or the other must return the following week.

“It’s about a love story”

Since July 19, the Frenchwoman has won twice, with 61% and 64% of the vote. His recipe? Always the same song, Sommer in Marseille (Summer in Marseille). “I wrote it,” explains the holder of a literary baccalaureate. It’s about a love story in summer. I say that I am alone on the beach and that a romance begins with a boy and that I will remember it. That’s a beautiful story. Why Marseille? Because it had to be a city that speaks to the German public. “

Not only. Immer Wieder Sonntags is also watched in Switzerland, Austria and… Alsace. This is how the native of Haguenau discovered her. “My grandparents have always watched the show and I dreamed of participating. The door opened at the Volksmusik Open air in Durrenbach last summer. “There were some well-known German artists that day and a group, Die schäfer, has taken me under their wing a bit since. They found me a producer, a record company… ”, relates the young woman.

Pauline has since stopped studying. She now gives herself “two years to start music”. And maybe break into a very particular style: the schlager. “It’s German popular music on joyful, positive, light themes, with catchy melodies,” explains the artist who can be inspired by a model: Robin Leon. Also Alsatian, the young man from Ettendorf had won Immer Wieder Sonntags in 2016, before breaking into the sector.

Pauline on her first stint, with star host Stefan Mross.
Pauline on her first stint, with star host Stefan Mross. – Europa-Park

His designated successor is still far from all of this. He still has to win four shows and the final to achieve his dream. And earn what? “I have no idea,” she admits with disarming naturalness. I already have a little more notoriety, I have fun and I rub shoulders with artists that I admire, it’s great! This is his Sommer in Europa-Park.

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