“Americans” RC-135 and R-8A “Poseidon” were engaged in reconnaissance activities near the borders of the Russian Federation

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The RF Ministry of Defense showed footage of the approach of American military aircraft to the Russian border on August 12 in the Black Sea.

A Russian Su-27 fighter took off when the air defense detected foreign aircraft at the borders. The pilot was able to visually identify the US Air Force RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft and the US Navy P-8A Poseidon base patrol aircraft.

The Russian board approached a safe distance to the objects, which “frightened” the Americans, they changed their course. The Su-27 returned safely to its home base.

Earlier, the media released materials where they stated that the newest Russian attack drone “Okhotnik” turned out to be incapable of combat. The Russian UAV “Okhotnik” under development can only act as a slave for the SU-57 fighter.

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