American rape survivor committed suicide at 23

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American actress and model Daisy Coleman committed suicide at the age of 23. This was reported by her mother on August 5 on Facebook.

According to the woman, her daughter did not get in touch for a long time, which is why she had to contact the police. The girl was found dead.

The mother of the actress noted that Daisy was never able to recover from the rape. 14 years ago, Coleman and her friend were raped by several people.

At the same time, the public began to persecute the victims, and the teenagers who abused them escaped punishment.

Several films were made about these events, including one with the participation of Daisy, who played herself.

On August 2, it was reported that Ukrainian TV presenter Anastasia Lugovaya was beaten and tried to rape in front of her son on a train from Mariupol to Kiev.

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