American organizations are working on a vaccination passport

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IT companies including Microsoft, healthcare institutions and NGOs have formed a coalition to develop an immunization passport, anticipating the potential need for people to have to prove to authorities and businesses that they are vaccinated against COVID. -19.

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“The goal is to allow individuals to have access to their vaccination record and to use tools like CommonPass (a digital wallet, editor’s note) to return to work and school, to start traveling and living again, while protecting the confidentiality of their data, “said Paul Meyer, the head of the Commons Project foundation, in a statement released Thursday.

The coalition called VCI (Vaccination Credential Initiative) includes Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle.

“The current immunization files do not allow access, control and sharing of verified information,” the statement noted.

They want to create a standard template for organizations that administer vaccines to make certificates accessible in a digital format.

“There is an urgent need for digitized, reliable, traceable, verifiable and universally recognized vaccination certificates so that people can return to work, school and attend events,” the coalition said.

Their idea is to design a vaccination passport accessible on their digital wallet, or in paper format for those who do not have a smartphone.

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