“Ambulance” with Navalny went to the airport of Omsk

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An ambulance took Alexei Navalny from the Omsk hospital to take him to the airport, from where he will fly to Germany.

According to REN TV, on the morning of August 22, the reanimobile arrived at the Omsk emergency hospital No. 1 and went inside with a gurney. Then Navalny was taken away.

The blogger was hospitalized on August 21 after he fell ill on the Tomsk-Moscow flight. The aircraft urgently landed in Omsk, Navalny’s representatives said that he was poisoned.

On the same day, the public organization Cinema for Peace announced its readiness to bring the blogger to Germany for treatment. A special flight with doctors was sent from Berlin to Omsk.

However, since the patient was in a consistently serious condition and fell into a coma, Omsk doctors warned about the risks of his transportation. Nevertheless, Navalny’s relatives agreed to take the risk, but the flight was postponed from the evening of August 21 to the morning of the next day.

As is known, to date, no traces of poison have been found in Navalny’s body. The head doctor of the hospital, Alexander Murakhovsky, said that traces of ordinary industrial chemistry were found on the blogger’s clothes and skin. The main diagnosis is metabolic disorder.

Deputy chief physician Anatoly Kalinichenko also said that positive dynamics had begun, Navalny’s brain was in a stable state, and there was no threat to life.

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