Ambassador assessed the prospects for resolving the energy issue of the Russian Federation and Belarus

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Russia and Belarus will find a mutually acceptable solution for the supply of energy resources to the republic in 2021. This was announced on November 25 by the Russian Ambassador to Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev.

“The parties will definitely find a mutually acceptable solution for energy supplies next year. At the same time, it is important that the political situation is taken out of the framework of these negotiations on a purely energy issue, “TASS reports.

According to the diplomat, regardless of the disputes and arguments that will accompany the negotiations, it is “unproductive and unpromising” to draw political parallels.

Mezentsev stressed that Russia and Belarus have basic agreements on annual supplies of energy resources and the Russian side has fulfilled the terms of oil supply this year, which the Belarusian side requested.

“It does not happen that the request of one of the parties dominates the interests of the other. <...> Another thing is, if we are talking about special conditions that are requested by Belarusian partners, it is important to take into account the practice of interaction between partners in the gas sector and the fact that, unfortunately, not without disputes, the parties have always found a possible solution to the issue, ”said Mezentsev.

He also proposed not to become “alarmists” on the issue of the prospects for relations between the two countries on the gas issue and noted that the Belarusian partners recognized the calculations of the Russian side and this is proof that the countries “can, are able and are obliged to negotiate.” And since the talk on the one hand is about gas discounts, the other side has the right to count on a “discount” on other groups of goods, if we talk about equal relations between independent states and economic entities, Mezentsev added.

“If we are talking about significant steps towards each other – about deepening the interaction of industries, the formation of a single gas market, the convergence of tax legislation, the similarity of approaches in industrial and agricultural policy, openness in the interaction of customs services <...> then negotiations on tactical , and on fundamental issues will be successful and effective ”, – Mezentsev expressed confidence.

In addition, the diplomat stressed that all attempts of the Belarusian opposition to play the “Russian card” in an effort to provoke tension in relations between the Russian Federation and Belarus are absolutely futile.

Mezentsev also commented on the situation with Belgazprombank, against which in June the Department of Financial Investigations of the State Control Committee of Belarus opened a criminal case for tax evasion and money laundering on an especially large scale. The authorities announced the arrest of 15 people in the case, including ex-chairman of the bank’s board Viktor Babariko, who participated in the presidential election campaign but was not registered as a candidate and who declared the case to be ordered.

According to Mezentsev, the settlement of the situation around the bank should not be politicized and the state should not interfere in the dialogue between shareholders.

On November 11, Gazprom announced that Russia and Belarus have completely settled the issue of debt for Russian gas. The parties began negotiations on its price – gas supplies to Belarus will be carried out from 2021.

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