Altruist made a “fecal collapse” in Oryol, building a playground

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A wealthy altruist from the Russian city of Oryol decided to build a playground in front of the house without the consent of the authorities and the management company. The workers hired by him damaged the gas pipeline, threw all the construction waste into the nearest sewer hatch, which led to a “fecal collapse”, writes “”.

The site was built from August to October 2020 on Krasnoarmeyskaya Street.

Residents, whose opinion about the construction was not asked, have a lot of complaints about the new site. The site is located close to the house, parents are afraid for the safety of children when things fall from the windows. In addition, instead of a safe rubber coating, tiles were laid on its territory, having cut down many trees.

In the middle of the site there is a sewer manhole, which in November smell of feces, the smell intensified and penetrated into neighboring yards.

The team that responded to the call found that the site builders had dumped rubbish into it during work.

Special equipment was required to remove the blockage.

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