Almost 500 tons of garbage removed from Kirov

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Waste problem is being solved in the regional center

The situation with garbage disposal in the first days of the year in the Kirov region remains tense. Kirov residents complain about uncleared mountains of waste in the courtyards of residential buildings in social networks. The government assures that the situation has been taken under control. More than 30 special vehicles and 80 employees work in Kirov. On January 8, almost 500 tons of garbage were removed from Kirov. This is 40% more than the average value.

Inspectors checked 43 sites, some of them overflows. The information was transferred to the regional operator for work. Not a single appeal received from citizens on the hotline or on social networks is ignored, each message is processed without fail, ”the ministry said.

In addition, the Kirov branch of the Russian ecological operator is also connected to the control over the removal of MSW, which also conducts daily raids, and, in case of violations, brings information to the regional operator.

Let us remind you that there is a hot line for the residents of the Kirov region regarding the collection and removal of MSW by phone: (8332) 63-16-11. All received requests are processed on-line.

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