Allergist reveals what cosmetics can cause allergies in children

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Allergist-immunologist Anna Maksimova said that women’s cosmetics can cause allergies in children.

So, the specialist notes that the matter is in the substances contained in cosmetics, reports “Ridus”. The most dangerous of them are fats and oils (for example, gelatin, fish oil, castor oil, lanolin), preservatives (propylene glycol and formaldehyde), emulsifiers (lauryl, triethanolamine), as well as enzymes, plant extracts and various fragrances. All of them can cause an allergic reaction in babies.

The allergist warned that a child may have a negative reaction to such substances even from a kiss from a mother who has lipstick on her lips, or from inhaling her perfume.

There is a genetic predisposition to allergies, said Anna Maksimova. If both parents suffer from it, then the likelihood of an allergic reaction to something in the child increases.

The main food allergens are milk, various seafood and fish, eggs, cereals, legumes and nuts, the expert recalled.

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