All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

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Whether in Quebec or elsewhere on the planet, the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our lives.

Here you will find all the news throughout the day related to this crisis affecting the population, governments and the economy.



  • Case: 42 890 562
  • Death: 1,152,340


  • Case: 216 104, 100 114 in Quebec
  • Death: 9946, 6143 in Quebec


6:49 pm | Construction: a shortage of workers ahead?

The issue of labor shortages in the construction industry is dividing employers and the union community.

5:40 pm | Some of the most active Canadian websites in disinformation

Canada-based Twitter accounts are among the most active in spreading disinformation related to Russian government theses, according to a US State Department report.

17:17 | Catering: difficult recruitment despite the pandemic

The second wave may have put many workers in the restaurant industry out of work, but restaurants that have remained open for take out orders are having all the difficulties in the world recruiting new employees.

5:03 pm | Algeria / virus: the government deplores a “relaxation” of the population

Algerian Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad on Sunday evening deplored the “relaxation” of the population in compliance with preventive measures against the new coronavirus, in the face of a clear increase in daily infections.

“I note with regret a certain slackening in the observation of preventive measures against COVID-19 including social distancing, the compulsory wearing of a mask and the use of hydroalcoholic gels,” said Mr. Djerad in a statement quoted at the television.

The Prime Minister called for the sense of responsibility of his compatriots to “protect society” at a time when the world is experiencing a “dangerous wave”.

“It is our duty to think about protecting (…) particularly the doctors who have been resisting this pandemic for months, to think of our children who have joined the school benches and of the faithful who are preparing to go to Friday prayers, ”he insisted.

Schools reopened in Algeria on Wednesday.

After several weeks of slow decline, Algeria – whose borders remain closed – has been experiencing a surge in contamination for ten days.

Some 56,143 cases have been identified in this country of 44 million inhabitants since the first case was reported on February 25, including 1,914 deaths and nearly 40,000 recoveries.

On Saturday, the presidency announced that Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune had been “voluntarily” in solitary confinement for five days after suspected cases of coronavirus involving several senior presidential and government officials.

4:12 pm | WHO chief warns against “vaccine nationalism”

The director of the World Health Organization (WHO) called on Sunday for global solidarity in the distribution of any future vaccine against the coronavirus, against the backdrop of an explosion in the number of cases across the planet.

3:39 pm | Vaccine: Israel to start its first clinical trials on 1er November

Israel will start the 1er Next November its first clinical trials of an innovative vaccine against the new coronavirus, authorities announced on Sunday, which are trying to stem the second wave of contamination.

15:32 | Explosion of eating disorders

Cases of eating disorders have exploded around the world since the start of the pandemic and Quebec is no exception. The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals has also noted a significant increase in reports.

2:40 p.m. | More than 50,000 new cases in France, a new record

2:32 pm | Biden accuses Trump of surrendering to COVID-19

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden accused Donald Trump on Sunday of having capitulated to the coronavirus pandemic, after the words of White House chief of staff Mark Meadows explaining that the government was not seeking to “control it “.

2:01 pm | Patty Hajdu: China should be “held responsible” if it lied

Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu said China should be “held accountable” if it withheld information from the world regarding its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

13:47 | Massive screening in China

China has launched a new massive screening campaign in the northwest of the country where 137 cases of coronavirus infection have been detected.

13:04 | “We are not going to control the pandemic,” says Trump’s chief of staff

Donald Trump’s White House chief of staff said on Sunday that the United States was “not going to control the pandemic” of COVID-19, which he again compared to the flu, after the announcement of contaminations in the entourage of US Vice President Mike Pence.

11:47 am | COVID-19: 206 new cases in the greater Quebec City area

Despite the confirmation of 206 new cases of coronavirus in the greater Quebec City region, the most optimistic will see some encouraging signs in the balance sheet on the north shore of the river, where the curve of cases was slightly down on Sunday.

Archive photo, QMI Agency

11:34 am | The contamination record in the world broken for the third consecutive day

According to WHO global statistics, 465,319 cases were confirmed on Saturday, up from 449,720 on Friday and 437,247 on Thursday.

11am | Quebec exceeds 100,000 cases

With 879 new infections, Quebec has crossed the threshold of 100,000 cases since the start of the pandemic; 11 deaths are added to the balance sheet.

10:51 am | Bulgarian Prime Minister tested positive for COVID-19

Elsewhere in the world, several other leaders have been infected, including US President Donald Trump, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

10:33 am | Ontario crossed the threshold of 1,000 new daily infections for the first time since the start of the pandemic, with 1,042 cases reported on Sunday.

8:08 am | Delta company bans 460 passengers who refuse to wear masks

7:18 am | Italy steps up restrictions after record number of new cases

Cinemas, theaters, gyms and swimming pools will have to close from Monday until November 24 under these new restrictions, while bars and restaurants will have to stop serving after 6 p.m., the Prime Minister’s services said.

6:40 am | Spain braces for new state of health emergency and curfews

The Spanish government met on Sunday to approve a state of health emergency allowing the introduction of new measures restricting freedom of movement in order to curb the explosion of cases of COVID-19, including a curfew in certain regions of the country. country.

1h45 | Deprived of their business class, airlines are rocking

In the long term, will Zoom or Teams meetings replace business travel? These business trips by plane have fallen since the start of the pandemic, leaving a big hole in the coffers of American airlines.

1h45 | Varadero, Cuba’s star beach, is a refuge from the virus

In normal times, it would have already welcomed a million foreign tourists this year. Varadero, Cuba’s flagship beach, receives its first non-Cuban visitors in seven months on Sunday, wanting to be a safe destination in the face of the pandemic.

1h | Concerned citizens

The citizens encountered in the street by the Newspaperyesterday, shared the government’s concerns over the difficulties in containing the outbreak of COVID-19 cases. But some feel like they are being blamed as they wonder what else to do as they follow public health guidelines.

1h | Quebec must explain better and blame less

“There has to be an explanation as to why the cases continue to be so important. Yes, schools have reopened and there is some spread of the virus, but there still seems to be some spread outside and not only because of the schools ”, says Christian Jacob, president of the Association of microbiologists of Quebec.

1h | Fear of school for anti-mask parents

“Can you guarantee that my family will be compensated in the event that my children develop a health problem resulting from wearing the mask?” “

This question is taken from a form that parents sent to their child’s school. About ten school service centers confirmed to the Newspaper have received since the start of the school year.

0h | The specter of a third wave

Although we seem to have reached a plateau, the second wave is far from over in Quebec and a too early relaxation of measures could even lead to the creation of a third wave, experts believe.

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