All coronavirus infected for the first time in Beijing

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The last two infected with the new coronavirus were discharged from hospitals in Beijing; for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, not a single patient remained in the medical institutions of the Chinese capital.

In total, during the entire pandemic in Beijing, 935 cases were detected, including 335 during an outbreak that occurred in June on the Xinfadi wholesale market. The weakened measures of epidemiological control have not yet been removed in the city: wearing a mask is mandatory for travel on public transport, when visiting shops, cinemas, government agencies and other crowded places.

According to statistics, 94.13% of those infected in mainland China have recovered. The number of patients since December 2019 has amounted to more than 84.9 thousand, 108 cases have been detected over the past seven days (the dynamics of the reduction in the number of patients in hospitals per week was about 6.7% per day).

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