Algeria expects to receive 500 thousand doses of Sputnik V vaccine in January

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The Algerian authorities expect to receive about 500 thousand doses of the Russian Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine in January. This was announced on Monday, January 18, by the spokesman for the coronavirus tracking committee Jamal Furar of the Algerian radio station Chaine 2.

According to him, vaccination of the country’s population will begin immediately after receiving the first batch of vaccine.

Furar added that now in Algeria about 8 thousand medical centers for vaccination have been prepared, their number may be increased, RIA Novosti reports.

The official stressed that the vaccines chosen by the Algerian authorities are “safe and effective”. According to him, the authorities plan to vaccinate up to 60-70% of the population in order to achieve herd immunity. Children will not be vaccinated.

Algeria became the first African country to register a Sputnik V vaccine on December 10, 2020. According to the country’s Ministry of Health, the total number of coronavirus cases in Algeria has exceeded 103 thousand, including about 70 thousand cases of recovery and 2,836 cases with deaths.

Sputnik V was developed by the Gamaleya Center and became the first coronavirus vaccine in the world and in Russia. The final efficacy of the drug was 91.4%. For severe cases of coronavirus, the effectiveness was 100%. In addition to Algeria, the vaccine has also been registered in Argentina, Bolivia, Serbia, Palestine, Venezuela and Paraguay.

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