Alexey Dyumin chaired a meeting of the regional headquarters on coronavirus

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On October 21, Governor Alexei Dyumin chaired a headquarters meeting on the situation with the coronavirus.

Alexander Lomovtsev, head of the Rospotrebnadzor Office for the Tula Region, reported that the seasonal incidence of acute respiratory infections continues to grow. At the moment, 7972 cases of ARVI have been registered, this is 13% more than last week, but the indicator is within the threshold of incidence.

This week, there is also an increase in the incidence of the new coronavirus – by 38% compared to last week. The average daily growth rate is 0.55%. This is below the level that is registered in the country. 350 thousand PCR studies have been carried out.

Alexander Lomovtsev said that Rospotrebnadzor monitors compliance with sanitary requirements at industrial enterprises and catering facilities. Additionally, emphasis was also placed on office space. These are the objects that have not been scanned before. According to the chief sanitary doctor, discipline in this sector should be improved.

“It is clear that everyone has accumulated fatigue, tired of restrictions and masks. But the situation does not give us the right to relax. And here a special responsibility lies with the heads of organizations and enterprises, who are obliged to strictly require their employees to follow the rules, ”the Governor summed up.

Alexey Dyumin emphasized that inspections are carried out regularly at enterprises, at trade facilities, in public transport. Responsible for the observance of restrictions in hospitals and social institutions are specialized authorities – the Ministry of Health and Labor.

The head of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Tula Region, Sergei Galkin, reported that, together with the Rospotrebnadzor Office and the Russian Guard, the police continue to monitor the execution of the Governor’s Decree. Over the past week, 1 thousand people were brought to administrative responsibility.

The Minister of Health of the Tula Region, Alexey Erk, said that 1012 people are currently being treated in infectious diseases hospitals, of which 21 are children. There are 2,884 people under the supervision of doctors with mild or no symptoms.

The governor noted that the burden on doctors is growing. We are talking not only about those who work directly in the “red” zones, but also about those who help patients at home, take tests and deliver them to laboratories.

Alexey Dyumin instructed Alexey Erk to analyze the need of medical institutions for cars in order to additionally provide doctors with transport. And also – to resume work on attracting physicians, including from other regions, to work in infectious diseases hospitals, taking into account the increase in bed capacity.

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