Alexander Nesteruk: The prospect of distance learning is likely in the fall

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During recess, Pskov schoolchildren will have to wear masks. This was warned by the chief sanitary doctor of the Pskov region Alexander Nesteruk in the program “Day Watch” on the radio “Echo of Moscow” in Pskov.

“Most likely, there will be a ban on the cabinet system, so that no additional threat arises,” he said. In the classroom, children will be able to be without masks, added the head of the regional Rospotrebnadzor.

Regular testing of pedagogues in the region is not yet discussed, the doctor said.

“Our number of teachers is in the thousands, therefore it will not be easy to perform such testing technically,” said Alexander Nesteruk. On average, 600 tests are performed in Pskov laboratories a day, so additional, and even periodic, load on the laboratory system would be a problem, he said.

As for distance learning, this prospect is quite likely if the incidence of ARVI traditionally increases in the fall against the background of the circulation of the coronavirus.

“Somewhere, you may have to switch to remote training,” said Alexander Nesteruk.

Listen to the issue of “Day Watch” on radio “Echo of Moscow” in Pskov on August 11 at 18.45.

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