Albisoara street in Chisinau will be fully reconstructed

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Mayor General Ion Ceban said on his social network page that a large-scale project to modernize Albisoara Street will begin soon. The total volume of investments is about 120 million lei, 65 of which are allocated from the state budget, the rest will be allocated from the municipal budget.

Due to the fact that this important city artery has not seen repair for many years, a very large amount of work has to be done: restoration of the roadway, sidewalks, modernization of lighting, purchase of urban furniture, etc.

Ion Ceban informed that he instructed the responsible persons to indicate the priority problems and ways to solve them, to present a work plan and deadlines for their implementation, to direct all removed curbs and asphalt for reuse, to fully coordinate the actions of all departments and companies, to clean the storm sewers and places throughout the street. drains into the Byk River, form a technical supervision group headed by a praetor and start every day by checking the work performed.

The mayor stressed that it is necessary to ensure high-quality and timely implementation of all work, and those guilty of violations will receive disciplinary action or will be fired.

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