Airplane will be turned into a restaurant in Singapore

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But only for one weekend

Singapore Airlines owns the world’s largest passenger airliner, the A380. And while the plane is on the ground at Changi airport, the administration decided to offer potential passengers a new service.

For one weekend, it was decided to turn the plane into a fashionable restaurant called “A380 @Changi”. But no one will be allowed there just like that. Customers will need to go through the same procedures as when boarding an aircraft – pass the security check and climb aboard using a real telescopic ladder.

Flight attendants will act as waiters, while guests will eat the ordered meals, entertainment programs will be broadcasted in the cabin, which are usually watched by passengers in flight. And in parting, everyone is promised a gift from the airline.

It will be possible to visit the liner-restaurant only on October 24 and 25. Seat reservations will begin soon, Travel + Leisure reports.

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