Air passengers were told about the rules of fights on board during a pandemic

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De Speld has published a list of tips for fighting on board aircraft amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Journalists noted that the recent mass scuffle on the Amsterdam – Ibiza flight due to the lack of a mask made people think about how not to get infected with coronavirus during fights on planes.

So, first of all, passengers wishing to engage in combat are advised to thoroughly wash their hands and, if possible, use their elbows in a fight.

In addition, it is advised to carefully select the enemy, since then all participants can be quarantined.

The authors of the material also suggest taking contacts from other passengers so that in the event of a positive COVID-19 test, they can be warned.

The article ends with the importance of avoiding bites.

“We have to admit that the fights on the planes are not at all the same as they were before the pandemic. For example, it is very important that you do not bite, ”the newspaper writes.

On August 2, it became known that a scuffle with the participation of 10 people took place on board the KLM airline. The reason was the absence of a medical mask on the passenger who was intoxicated.

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