Agronomist told what seeds should not be collected

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Autumn is the time to harvest crops and seeds. Collecting seeds is a good way to save money, and get exactly the plant that has already worked well.

Lyudmila Kalinina, a Tula agronomist-fruit and vegetable grower with 40 years of experience, told which seeds should not be collected on their own.

“It is practically useless to harvest hybrid seeds. They usually only retain their benefits in the first generation. If you harvest seeds from them, there is little chance that they will inherit the fertility, resistance or decorativeness of their parent. Whether the plant is a cultivar or hybrid is usually indicated. on a pack of seeds“, – explains Lyudmila.

“But now you can safely collect the seeds of marigolds, kosmey, asters, mallow, and many other summer and biennial plants. You can repeat the romantic habit of Goethe, who scattered the seeds of violets during walks. Since then to this day in the place where he is lived, violet glades and edges have survived, “ – says the agronomist.

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