After flooding in the Tretyakov Gallery, 10 paintings were taken under surveillance

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About 10 works of the Moscow New Tretyakov Gallery are under the supervision of specialists after a roof leak, which occurred the day before due to a downpour, nothing threatens their safety. Tatiana Mrdulyash, deputy general director of the gallery for development, told reporters on Thursday, August 27.

According to her, the works under the supervision of specialists were moved to a safe space. She noted that moving most of the work is a “measure of reinsurance.”

Mrdulyash added that due to the leak, “there have been changes in the climate in the halls.”

“Therefore, some of the works were simply moved from the halls where the climate jumps, which may cause them, if not instantaneous damage, but some changes in preservation in the future. Therefore, the works were transferred preemptively, and not after the fact ”, – quotes her words“ Interfax ”.

The deputy general director of the exhibition complex added that due to the accident, the museum staff dismantled a fairly large number of works, now they are under the supervision of curators and restorers.

“They have been moved to ensure their safety. At the moment, the safety of not a single piece has changed, ”she said, adding that emergency work in the gallery, which had been going on all night, continues.

According to Mrdulyash, emergency work is carried out in parallel with the “analysis of the situation, with the analysis of the reasons and with the work to prevent such situations in the future.”

The exhibition “NONAVEEGDA” is temporarily closed. Experts monitor the climate in the hall. They will decide if the exhibition can be opened to visitors in the coming days.

Halls of the permanent exhibition and “Masterpieces from Kazan” are also temporarily closed, as they require cosmetic repairs. It will take some time to estimate the scope of work and carry it out.

On the eve of heavy rains in Moscow, as a result, the roof began to leak in the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val.

On that day, visitors were taken out of the halls, the expositions were closed to the public, and the museum staff began to fix the leaks.

Evacuated visitors will be provided free tickets to visit the museum on another day.

According to RIA Novosti, the leak occurred in the fourth hall of the gallery, where the exhibitions “Generation XXI. Gift of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin “and” Masterpieces from Kazan. From Roerich to Kandinsky ”.

As the gallery specified, the cause of the roof leak was a breakthrough of a worn-out storm sewer, which could not withstand the pressure of the rain. The museum staff managed to quickly remove the exhibits from the walls and avoid the threat of damage.

The Ministry of Culture instructed the management of the Tretyakov Gallery to assess the damage after the flooding.

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