Acting head of FT “Sirius” Stolyarov spoke about the main tasks

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Acting head of the federal territory “Sirius” Andrei Stolyarov on Saturday, January 30, said that the main tasks of the federal territory this year will be to form a management team and establish a dialogue with residents.

Also among the priority goals is the preparation of a master plan.

“Basic [задачи, которые ставятся на 2021 год] – building a dialogue with residents, identifying their problems and needs, forming a team, preparing a draft general plan of the territory, “TASS quotes him.

Stolyarov stressed that when forming a team, he will focus on specialists from all regions of the country, since in Russia, according to him, there are many young and already strong managers.

“The main thing is that the eyes are on fire and are ready to work 20 hours a day,” he said.

This year, as the acting head of the federal territory noted, it is planned to prepare a draft budget for 2022. In addition, the leadership should address the issue of transferring powers from the Krasnodar Territory and Sochi.

Its management plans to involve local residents in discussing plans for the development of Sirius, since Stolyarov believes that they are the basis for managing the territory.

“I myself am a resident of the federal territory, <...> we will together discuss plans on how to make this house the best, including for our guests,” Stolyarov said.

Today, the bulk of visitors to the federal territory are vacationers, but, as Stolyarov noted, students, residents of the innovation center, and cultural figures will soon arrive there.

Earlier that day, Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Stolyarov as acting head of Sirius.

The draft law “On the federal territory” Sirius “in the development of the Constitution of the Russian Federation”, submitted to the State Duma by the head of the Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov and the head of the Constitutional Committee of the Federation Council Andrei Klishas in November, was approved by the Federation Council on December 16.

According to the text of the law, “Sirius” will stretch along the Black Sea coast of the Imeretinskaya Bay in Sochi to the Abkhaz border and will become a new type of public law, economically independent, with its own budget, property and property rights, including those transferred to it by Russia, Krasnodar Territory, municipal the formation of “Urban District, a resort town of Sochi”.

State and municipal control on the territory will be carried out in accordance with federal laws and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation. The budget of the federal territory “Sirius” will begin to form in 2022.

The document also provides for a five-year transition period, during which it is planned to stage-by-stage organization of the functioning of the federal territory – until December 31, 2025.

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