Aberdeen lockdown: ‘It feels never ending’

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Poppy Chisholm-White

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Poppy Chisholm-White says she is gutted her bar has closed

“It’s really frustrating. I feel like it’s never ending.”

The tightening of lockdown restrictions in Aberdeen has caused disappointment for lots of hospitality workers.

Poppy Chisholm-White, who works at the Siberia Bar and Hotel in the city, says she is “gutted”.

“It’s really hard to get your head around when the rest of the country is kind of normal but we’re not allowed to see each other,” the 20-year-old tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the new restrictions – in which bars, cafes and restaurants will be shut for at least seven days – on Wednesday.

Poppy’s bar – not linked to a rise in cases in the city – actually shut the day before that.

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Media captionNicola Sturgeon said new restrictions would be enforced if necessary but she hoped that would not be necessary

“Everyone got a bit of a fright and feels deflated about it,” she says.

From socially distanced tables and queues, to regular cleaning, sanitising and a one-way system, Poppy says her bar “followed all the guidance”.

The precautions and focus on safety also made Poppy feel “100%” safe in her job.

“But it was frustrating to see other people not taking it quite as seriously.”

She says it’s hard to “monitor drunk people” and despite trying their best to warn people – there were still cases of customers “walking the wrong way or going between tables”.

“To be honest, we did expect it a bit because when you tell people they’re allowed, they’re going to drink, speak and hug their friends.”

“It’s almost like organised fun.”

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The initial cluster has been linked to the Hawthorn bar in Aberdeen

The new lockdown is causing financial concern for Poppy, as she says she doesn’t qualify for furlough.

“And it’s just a shame not to be working because I love being there and I’m really close to everyone that I work with.”

‘It’s not a joke’

Poppy feels the decision to let bars and restaurants open indoors was “perhaps too soon”.

“The queues can just get out of hand and drunk people can’t be told sometimes.”

She adds: “I’d say have fun, but don’t go seeing every single one of your friends.

“It’s not a joke. People are dying and are ill. You can’t just go and act like everything’s normal.”

Does she think things will be back to normal even after lockdown?

“I think it’s going to be even stricter, and even more monitored.

“It’s not going to be the same for a while.”

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