A violent fire broke out in the forest park of Fontainebleau near Paris

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A violent fire broke out in the forest park of Fontainebleau, surrounding the castle and town of Fontainebleau in France, 60 km southeast of Paris, Le Parisien writes on August 7.

The report says that the fire brigade – about 100 people – at 13:00 local time (14:00 Moscow time) began to extinguish the fire.

By 17:00 (18:00 Moscow time), the fire had already destroyed 5 hectares of forests. Fires broke out in the forest park this week and on Wednesday and Thursday. However, the current one, according to the newspaper, is more dangerous than the previous ones.

For extinguishing, fire tankers are involved.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. It is clarified that there are no residential buildings near the danger zone.

So far, the spread of the flame has not been stopped.

Earlier, on August 3, it was reported that the French authorities imposed restrictions on the use of water in 68 departments of the country due to drought.

Many parts of the country have banned watering of gardens and golf courses, washing cars, and filling swimming pools. The water was only allowed to be used for public health and safety purposes.

Abnormal heat has been recorded in France since mid-July. The “orange” hazard level was declared in 32 departments of the country. In some cities, local temperature records have been broken for both July and all recorded history.

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