A teenager from Vyatskiye Polyany awaits trial for robbery

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A 17-year-old boy from the city of Vyatskiye Polyany will stand trial in the Kirov region.

The teenager is accused of robbery. According to the press service of the regional Investigative Committee, on May 5, the teenager was in the city of Sosnovka and noticed a 42-year-old drunk man on the street. The young man decided to rob a passerby. He hit the man on the head and demanded money. The victim said that he had no money and went on. The intruder followed.

At the apartment of a passerby, the teenager again began to demand money. When the man refused, the attacker kicked him in the face, then entered the apartment and stole the money. During the investigation, the teenager pleaded guilty for the deed and compensated for the damage. The case materials were submitted to the court.

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